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Ultimate E-liquid Ice Lolly Shortfill - 100ml

Ultimate E-liquid Ice Lolly Shortfill - 100ml

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Ultimate E-liquid Ice Lolly  Shortfill - 100ml

Ultimate E-liquid Ice Lolly is a vape juice for you if you like fruit in general. How to take fruity flavours into the next level? Make them smooth like ice lolly but without this dreadful soapiness that so many flavours suffer from. This e-liquid will definitely be one of your fruity go-tos if you choose a flavour that suits you. We have a dark and full blackcurrant, strong and grapey bubblegum, perfectly juicy Strawberry mixed with Kiwi that will make your mouth water or even our unforgeable twister lolly. Those are obviously not all of the flavours in the range but rather than reading about it we want you to try it! You will definitely come back for more of the Ultimate E-liquid Ice Lolly range.

Complete list of flavours of Ultimate E-liquid Ice Lolly range.:

Bubble Grape – Do you love grape? Bubblegum? Why not try our bubble grape icelolly! Candylicious ice lolly goodness, soon to be your latest all day vape flavour!

Watermelon Lime – Fresh frozen watermelon combined with zingy lime. Perfect for those hot summer days when you’re in need of some refreshment!

Strawberry Split – Another classic ice lolly that will blow you away with it’s superb strawberry flavour. It’s creamy, cool & sweet what more could you want!

Strawberry Kiwi – Our perfect combo of sweet strawberry & juicy kiwi is definitely one to add to your favourites. You won’t regret it!

Blackcurrant – Our strong blackcurrant ice lolly is sweet, succulent & an easy all day vape. If you love fruity flavours this is one you don’t want to miss!

Twist It – A classic ice lolly flavour, delicious strawberry, zesty lime & the smooth taste of tropical pineapple with a cool finish. A super combo of taste!

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