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Ultimate E-liquid Cider Shortfill - 100ml

Ultimate E-liquid Cider Shortfill - 100ml

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Ultimate E-liquid Cider Shortfill - 100ml

Taste the freshness of the fruits and cider as you relax while vaping the best quality Ultimate E-Liquid Cider. Unforgeable flavour!

The best thing to pair with a hot summers day is a crisp refreshing fruit cider over ice. The Ultimate E-Liquid Cider vape juice was made with the feelings of holiday in mind. These flavours will take you back to the beach and warm starry nights. Apple cider in a pub garden is the most quintessentially British thing that will uplift your mood in seconds after the first exhale. Not only because it’s a very good vape juice but also it will make you remember all of those good times you spent chilling with mates. We’ve put a lot of heart and apples into making Ultimate E-Liquid Cider an unforgettable experience. You can find all of the best cider combinations in this range. Starting with Autumn Apples, through punchy Strawberry Lime all the way to the Dark Fruits. The flavours are smooth, well rounded and sure to make you appreciate good quality e-liquid. Do not hesitate, buy it!

Complete List of Ultimate E-Liquid Cider flavours:

  • Strawberry Lime – Sweet strawberry, zesty lime with a fresh apple bite, we recommend mixing this with sunshine and relaxation.
  • Passionfruit – Passionate about good flavour? So are we, try our passionfruit and crisp apple cider mix for yourself.
  • Fruity Pear – Something a little different, a fruity perry. A perfect pear that pops and sparkles.
  • Dark Fruits – Come to the dark cider… A perfectly balanced mix of dark berries infuses this strong summer favourite.
  • Autumn Apple – Not a fan of flavoured cider? Don’t worry we have something for the purists out there, ripe juicy autumn apples smashed into bubbly perfection.
  • Apple Blackcurrant – A match made in heaven, what could be better with the crisp bite of apple cider? A dash of sweet bursting blackcurrant.
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