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Ultimate E-liquid Blossom Shortfill - 100ml

Ultimate E-liquid Blossom Shortfill - 100ml

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Ultimate E-liquid Blossom Shortfill - 100ml 

A full range of Ultimate E-liquid Blossom is filled with unique, rich and complex flavours that will redefine the mellow vape juice for you.

Sometimes we all crave a touch of elegance in our flavours. A product that is well composed and well balanced, just like our Ultimate E-liquid Blossom range. We focused on creating a vape juice that would satisfy anyone looking for a mature approach to an almost fruity juice. This it NOT a product that tastes like a cheap perfume. It’s more like something that invokes the spirit of the spring. The taste of a crisp and sweet spring breeze.This liquid is the perfect balance of mellow and complex. It will keep you vaping for hours so just buy a bottle of Ultimate E-liquid Blossom. This is range will prove to you that the mellow vape juice does not mean bland juice.

Complete list of Ultimate E-liquid Blossom flavours:

  • Sweet Melon & Cucumber – Combining the flavour of a sweet and juicy melon with the super refreshing cool cucumber to give you the perfect everyday vape.
  • Juniper & Pink Lemon – Perfectly tart juniper berries combined with the sweet and zesty Pink Lemonade makes an amazing vape for those looking for a sweet and sour hit.
  • Acai & Apple – Rich and Tangy Acai berries combined with sweet Green Apple to make a delicious tangy super juice.
  • Aloe, Lychee & Pom – The perfect combination of Aloe and sweet Lychee with a spoonful of rich Pomegranate to make a mouth-watering, thirst quenching vape.
  • Elderflower Apple & Mango – A Delightful mixture of green apples and juicy ripe mangos with a sweet but floral tone of elderflower to send your taste buds wild.
  • Rose & White Grape – A sweet and Juicy mixture of white grapes with a mellow but rich floral tone from the rose that dances on your tongue.
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