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Ultimate Bar Disposable Vape Pod Kit 600 puff- 20mg

Ultimate Bar Disposable Vape Pod Kit 600 puff- 20mg

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Ultimate Bar

Get the Ultimate Vaping Experience in our brand new disposable device, it’s even better than the Elf bar or the Geekbar.

A great way to try vaping for the first time or a handy device to take with you when you don’t want to carry your main set-up on a night out!

Apple Peach

A sweet blend of Apple & Peach that will leave your taste buds needing more.


Banana ice

Smooth Banana blended with the coldest Ice cubes to leave your mouth with a soft Icey hit. 


Black ice

Luscious Blackcurrants are chilled to add a cold hint to this flavour.


Blue Slush ice

One of Vaping’s staple flavours, Blue Slushy has made its way into our disposable vaping arsenal. This flavour leaves you with a cold blue raspberry taste.


Chilled Grape

Chilled Grape combines the succulent flavour of Grapes with a cold chill to give you a fruitful vaping experience.


Lemon Twist

A Dessert flavour. Lemon twist takes inspiration from a rich tart base which is contrasted by the sour sting from the lemon to offer you a powerful citrus flavour.



Need your energy boost for the day? Our Monster flavour reminds you of your favourite energy drinks by giving you maximum energy and taste!


Orange Soda

Who loves Orange Soda? Ultimate Juice Does. We bring one of the most popular carbonated drinks right to your tastebuds with this flavour.


Pineapple Crush

Looking for something fruitier?  We’ve got you covered. Pineapple crush is a sweet one. The sweetest Pineapples mixed with ice cold pineapple juice gives you this fantastic blend.


Strawberry ice Cream

A flavour that needs no explanation. Imagine you’re on a beach, parched and boiling and you hear that melodic chime. It’s here… your Strawberry Ice Cream flavoured savior.


Banana Cherry

The sweetest cherries mixed with soft bananas to create a exhilarating combination.


Cherry Chill

Cherries that feel as if they came straight from the north pole itself. This cherry flavour will give you that deep cherry taste you’re after followed by a subtle cold hit.


Cherry Cola Chill

Cherries, Cola and everything nice. These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect disposable bar. This fizzy flavour will dazzle you with its cherry hints.


Fresh Apple

Great Nana Smith’s favourite apples, handpicked from her garden, polished and sent to us to make this beautiful Icey blend.


Watermelon Chill

Our Watermelon Chill is a sweet fruity flavour that takes its namesake from the water packed juicy fruit. Watermelon chill will leave you chilled out and feeling refreshed this summer.


Strawberry Chill

Debatably the greatest fruit of them all. Our Strawberry chill flavour is sweet like a strawberry and will leave you just needing more.


Blueberry Blast

Known for their sweet taste, we’ve taken the finest Blueberries we could find and delicately crafted them into this sweet flavourful blast.



Sweet and Full of Passion. Our Passionfruit flavour has a sweet tarty flavour reminding you of the intoxicating aroma of the renown juicy fruit.


Over The Rainbow

An array of your favourite Sherbet flavours mixed with Unicorns and Sparkles to offer you a rainbow blend with a cold aftertaste.


Menthol Breeze

A Soothing Mint Breeze, Gentle on your taste buds, yet strong enough to leave you feeling relieved and Minty fresh.


Red Monster

Find the Monster within. With Red Monster, you’ve got the raw untamed energy hit from our original monster combined with delicious cherries to take this flavour to new heights.


Blue Monster

We tried our best to tame it, but this flavour was too much of a wildcard even for us. Blue Monster combines the famous Blue Slush with an Energy hit to create an untamable beast.


Fresh Mango

Mango has never tasted better. With this Ultimate Bar we’ve taken the Best Mango’s the world has to offer and translated them into an even better flavour. Prepare yourself for the ‘freshest’ flavour.


Pink Lemonade

When life gives us lemons, we make Pink Lemonade. This flavour takes gorgeous raspberries and blends them with lemonade to make a fizzy experience you just cant miss.


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